The law firm has a wealth of long experience and provides protection and legal assistance in criminal proceedings. We perform procedural representation and protection in all phases of criminal proceedings.

– Pre-trial phase: protection and representation of accused and claimant parties.

– Judicial phase: protection and procedural representation of defendants, civil claimants, plaintiffs and accusers in the case; representation in criminal matters of general nature and private criminal nature.

– Protection in proceedings to impose detention measures “detention on remand”, as well as an amendment to the imposed measure.

– Qualified consultations on criminal cases, such as case study and opinion.

– We draw up complaints to the Prosecutor’s office, the Police and the courts in the Republic of Bulgaria.

– We appeal against all unlawful and unlawful acts – rulings, rulings, judgments and judgments of the prosecution and courts.

– We cooperate with all possible means to protect the rights and legitimate interests of our clients, in accordance with the PC (the Penal Code), the CPC (the Criminal Procedure Code), the EEAWA (the Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant Act), the PDEA (the Penalty and Detention Enforcement Act), the ECPHRFF (the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms), etc.

– Justification;

– Proceedings in connection with the execution of the penalties;