The Company carries out legal representation, draws up contracts, requests, complaints, private complaints, issues opinions on debentures and real estate cases, including:


– Termination of contracts due to default.

– Claims and proceedings related to inaccurate performance, deficiencies and hidden deficiencies;

– Proceedings for tort, result of delict resulting from torture, unjust enrichment.

– Imputed possession by filing of restitution and negligent claims under the PA (the Property Act), as well as claims for the purchase of a joint property.

– Concluding a final contract.

– Invalidity of transactions, which you are party on, and claims for invalidity of transactions of debtors;

– Property partitions and termination of co-ownership;

– Convictions and recovery of claims;

– Assistance in changing the status of agricultural land;

– Preparation of all documents when buying or selling a real estate. Verification of ownership and weights;

– Mediation in the sale of property.

– Floor ownership, maintenance fees, maintenance contracts for common parts, appeals against decisions of general meetings of floor owners.

– Protection in enforcement proceedings;

– Proceedings under the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act, long-term and permanent residence;